Case Studies

Developer of Digital Health Technology 

The innovative digital health developer is focused on developing mobile technologies that accelerate the efficiency of doctor-patient visits. Intersect Advisers acted as an embedded resource to develop, implement, and execute strategic plans for business growth. Intersect brings a knowledgable perspective and access to a broad network of key decision makers to the team.

The CEO, stated, “Intersect Advisers is very aptly named.  Marc and Ian’s significant networks act as a bridge between commercial institutions, hospitals and our product.

Reported to: CEO

Services & Skills: Strategic Planning; Business Development; Communications

Licensor of Berm Technology

The Company utilizes patented, engineered berm technology (MSE berms) to assist landfills expand vertically. The combination of taking re-use materials for a tipping fee and using the materials to build the berm creates additional airspace with minimum capital expenditures. The company licenses these methods with approved engineers and construction partners. This company needed insight and support on a proposal previously submitted to a municipal solid waste facility for expansion.  Intersect was hired to find out the status and open up discussions with appropriate county officials and influencers on behalf of this proposal. Intersect is facilitating meetings on this matter.

Reported to: Chief Executive Officer.

Services & Skills: Strategic Planning; Business Development; Government Relations

Manufacturer of Bio-Nutrients Soil Products

It is a soil-product company providing natural soil supplements that nourish the soil and stimulate the roots, ultimately making the turf greener and the Earth cleaner. It rapidly expanded through commercial and private lawn care distributors in more than ten states. This led to developing legal issues with Departments of Environmental Protection (DEP) for numerous states in regard to its marketing materials.  Intersect was hired to examine the marketing materials and state regulations to develop internal marketing standards to ensure that the client would not be forced to shut down or reclassified as a pesticide manufacturer.  By building a plan, the company was able to make the necessary changes, appease the state professionals, and eliminate new issues as they continued their growth.

Reported to: Chief Executive Officer

Services & Skills: Communication; Strategic Planning

Hedge Fund

The hedge fund client owns a wide variety of real estate assets including multifamily, assisted living and long-term care, hotels, retail, and commercial office suites.  In 2014, the fund purchased a building in downtown Baltimore with the plan to convert it to graduate student housing.  Intersect was engaged to explore the economics and process to instead convert the building to provide affordable, humane housing for undocumented, immigrant families currently in the United States, pending the legal resolution of their status.  Intersect quantified significant economic benefits and sampled the interest of this type of facility on a national, state and local level.  Then, Intersect found an existing, approved services provider to form a joint venture client as the most effective way to move forward.

Reported to: Principals

Services & Skills: Strategic Planning; Real Estate

Metal Fabrication Manufacturer

As part of an oil and gas field services business, this division specialized in the manufacture of customized frac tanks, vacuum trailers and cutting boxes primarily sold to companies in the southeast United States. The investors identified Intersect to help the manufacturer diversify the business geographically and access other industries. Intersect created a marketing plan for the Marcellus Shale Region and initiated strategic development meetings with new business partners.

Reported to: President

Services & Skills: Strategic Planning; Communications; Business Development

Venture Fund

The fund is focused on helping seed stage companies become the next big thing. Intersect Advisers was engaged because of its expertise to perform due diligence on a potential portfolio investment that tracked, analyzed, and forecasted policy outcomes on federal and state levels. Intersect held interviews with the perspective firm, reviewed competitive services, and submitted a document detailing the findings of the due diligence and recommendations.

Reported to: Principal

Services & Skills: Strategic Planning

National Testing Laboratory

The lab is part of an ongoing clinical trial funded by Medicare for an in vitro pharmacogenomics diagnostic intended to help prevent adverse drug reactions. Intersect was engaged to support physician recruitment. Using Intersect’s relationships with the healthcare provider community in the Mid-Atlantic Region, they were able to develop meetings for the client. Intersect was also engaged as a strategic partner to increase outreach capabilities on a national basis.

Reported to: Third-Party Representative Company

Services & Skills: Business Development; Healthcare

Manufacturer of Electrotherapy Products

The Company has been in existence for over 20 years in manufacturing and distributing electrotherapy products used in pain management and physical rehabilitation. The primary source of revenue is reimbursement by workers compensation insurance. Intersect was engaged to put company representatives in front of key decision makers to increase awareness and position middle managers to influence medical professionals in deciding which pain management product to use. Intersect was able to arrange a meeting with the largest workers’ compensation insurance entity in the Mid- Atlantic Region through its relationships. The meeting was successful and the company was told that the insurance company would be setting up internal protocols to recommend to its doctors to consider the company’s medical equipment.

Reported to: President

Services & Skills: Strategic Planning; Business Development