We provide consulting, human resources, and access to decision makers to help our clients increase their top lines and improve their bottom lines in business, financial, and regulatory matters of importance.

When you engage Intersect Advisers, you have access to a team of business development experts, relationship-builders, connectors, and effective communicators that will generate leads, open doors, and deliver new growth opportunities. Each engagement includes a comprehensive plan with specific and targeted goals, detailed timelines, integrated deliverables, and flexible pricing structures.

Every business opportunity will be positioned and discussed with key decision makers. With our trusted relationships in both the public and private sectors, Intersect puts its clients before exactly the right audience to achieve their business objectives.





Each engagement begins with an exploration into our client’s business, including market position, operational strengths and weaknesses, key issues (growth, financial, regulatory) and a tactical plan involving internal and external stakeholders. We utilize our experience and skills in areas that impact each client’s most important value creation lever. We offer our clients:

  • Identify key issues and challenges
  • Develop business strategies
  • Leverage relationships to create opportunities with key strategic partners
  • Advocate for legislative and regulatory interaction
  • Resource/analytics on renewable and on site energy resources


We understand business development in many industries and work diligently with our clients to represent them in growth programs. We offer our clients:

  • Determine new market segments
  • Create new position in the market
  • Identify and introduce strategic partners for new private sector opportunities
  • Generate new leads for sales growth
  • Leverage relationships within several industry segments
  • Create and identify new opportunities


Our belief is that it is critical for our clients to communicate their messages effectively to their target audiences to achieve their goals. We offer our clients:

  • Educate in communication strategy
  • Build and implement strategies for internal and external communications plans
  • Assist in creating and refining messages to each target audience
  • Communicate with target audience(s) effectively


The most important element of any successful company is proper financing. A dedicated business growth agenda enables the coordination of a successful and sustained capital campaign. We offer our clients:

  • Identify execution point
  • Build and maintain qualified prospect lists
  • Coordinate a comprehensive fund raising plan through building models, creating collateral, advising in financial negotiations
  • Oversee the legal accounting functions
  • Build awareness in synergy with Co-Investors