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Social media has changed the way we communicate and operate in business. We are no longer limited by our location, industry, or referrals; but rather we have access to a global network with which we can educate and leverage our expertise that results in more business opportunities.  The first three steps of social selling are exposure, influence, and engagement.


Social media allows us to stay in touch with our clients and contacts regularly. The content that we post, whether it’s shared from another source or originally created, identifies us as thought leaders, who become recognized as influencers in the community. Through our daily interactions, it reinforces our knowledge and improves our credibility to our network.  For example, sharing and commenting on trends in the healthcare industry demonstrates our expertise and we become associated as a healthcare expert.


Social media has formed an interlocking community in which we can easily share information across a global network. It provides real-time information sharing that adapts as our businesses grow. For example, we may be associated with the healthcare industry in a particular group based on previous work; however, we have expertise in other fields. Sharing information about a variety of topics on social media regularly creates broader exposure of our experiences. This opens doors for us to be a resource for those outside of the healthcare space.


Social media engagement accesses a greater network of connections to a global audience. We open ourselves for new business opportunities by being top of mind to our connections. For instance, one of our connections recognizes our credibility as an industry expert and makes a referral to one of their connections where he/she believes our expertise is needed.  Furthermore, we can identify a person or group we want to get to know, which normally we would not have the chance to meet based on location or other circumstances.  With the role of social media, we are able to easily grow our networks through access to a larger group outside our current connections.

Social media boosts our credibility, creates more visibility, and builds a closer community; ultimately, translating to more business opportunities. Think about your engagements recently.

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