Do’s and Don’ts of Social Selling

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Social selling is a current buzzword in social media, and it’s becoming a significant tool for attracting business growth opportunities. Whether you’re actively using social selling tactics or just starting out, think about this list of the do’s and don’ts of social selling to help you maximize your presence in social media.

1. Strategize – Don’t Jump Right In

Diving right into social selling can be overwhelming with all of the featuresavailable to use online.  It’s a powerful tool for lead generation and marketing. Take time to set realistic expectations about what you want to accomplish. This will help you to have an organized approach and establish protocol as you develop your skills. How many people do you want to contact each week? What types of groups can you engage with? Will you create and publish your own content? How often will you publish? If you are already involved with social media, think about evaluating your progress. Are you successful with your goals? Are you achieving the reach that you want to see? How can you reposition yourself?

2. Network – Don’t Be a Static Profile

It’s convenient that there is a button to quickly send a connection request. However, it doesn’t give you the chance to interact with the new connection. Consider creating a personalized message for each request that asks for a brief introductory call or meeting to explore ways to work together. This is your chance to begin a new relationship and discuss new business opportunities. Now that you’ve made these connections, maintain those relationships. Share information that you think is relevant to him or her; be aware changes to profile changes, like promotions or career changes; or schedule a call to touch base if you haven’t spoken in a while.

3. Educate – Don’t Self-Promote

Using social media should not be another channel to disseminate marketing messages or share personal anecdotes that do not offer value for your network. Instead, focus on creating and sharing content that teaches your network about new industry trends, ideas, and perspectives. Publish your own content or interact with your connection’s content with comments, likes, and shares. You want to be positioned as a thought leader and knowledgeable resource within your network.

4. Engage – Don’t Sell

Although social selling is about two-way communication, it is not the place to try for a hard sell. In most cases, you are just beginning a relationship with a new connection. Rather, listen to the prospect talk about his or her pain points, and then add insights or advice to the conversation, when appropriate. You are building trust and credibility in the each relationship, which will create for you the opportunity to develop future business.

Think about this list. What are you already doing well? What can be added or improved to your current strategy? Share with us your tactics for social selling. 

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