Your Guide to Talking and Walking

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I bet you know how to “talk the talk” (have an idea). BUT do you know how to “talk the talk and walk the walk (take action)”? I’ve pulled together the four most important traits to guide you through talking and walking as a leader.


You are focused on your goals and are committed to excellence. When your team sees your ideas translated into to actions, they, too, will be motivated to show the same level of energy.  For example, if you make a promise to the team, then you are expected to show follow through. Leading by example sets the expectations for the team and you earn respect and trust as their leader.


Your vision begins small and develops into something much larger over time. A successful leader uses his or her expertise of the business and industry to create a strategic perspective about how to accomplish those goals. Through your leadership, you will be positioned as a knowledgeable resource for your team, who will look to you for advice and guidance along the way.


You may have a clear vision of your goals in your mind about what you want to accomplish, but how you communicate those goals with your team is most important.  Making sure that every teammate is on the same page with your goals will drive success forward, rather than trying to define what you asked them to do. Communication drives productivity and creativity for the team, which in turn puts your vision into executable ideas.


A great leader exudes confidence within him or herself and in the ideas. Showing confidence through the work with your team makes the teammates feel like valuable assets and invested in the goals. It is no longer about what the leader wants the teammates to do, but it is about setting a cohesive image about what is to be accomplished.

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