Top Ten Actions of Successful Entrepreneurs

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An entrepreneur is characterized by his or her motivation to develop new business opportunities and to find ways to disrupt existing processes. Some of the ventures involve bigger risks than others, but it’s worth the challenge to develop something that improves the marketplace and is financially rewarding.  For my tenth post, I thought I would share what I have found to be the top ten (10) actions of successful entrepreneurs.

1. Plan your day – Make time in your morning routine to prioritize what you want to accomplish each day. Make a to-do list or block out times throughout the day for certain tasks.  As a small business of one (or two) people, there is a lot to work on, and making a plan helps you to focus on what’s most important that day.

2. Read the news – Read the news about local, national, global, and industry topics. Staying informed about what is happening in the world around you helps to generate new ideas for your business and to stay ahead of the curve of changing trends.

3. Be selective – Initially, you feel pressure to accept every opportunity that comes your way. However, not every opportunity is beneficial for you or your business, and your time is a valuable asset. Understanding the project scope and how it aligns with your business goals will help you to be selective about which projects you choose.

4. Look at the big picture – It’s difficult not to get caught up in the daily details of building your business, but it’s important to pause for a moment to consider the big picture. Think about the business’s core values and the goals you are working toward to strategize your next steps.

5. Delegate – When starting out, it seems most efficient to do everything yourself. Quickly, you realize that your day is controlled by the daily tasks rather than focused on growing the business. Build the right team of smart individuals who are dedicated to achieving those business goals.

6. Build a network – Quality relationships are the keys to success. Meeting new people offers new perspectives to your ideas. Keep a record of everyone that you meet and keep in touch along the way. Your relationships are valuable resources for advice and new opportunities as your business grow.

7. Listen to others – Be present when engaging with your business partners, employees, clients and prospects. The most effective listeners spend their time actively listening to others rather than talking about themselves. Active listeners are better able to identify new solutions and opportunities for business growth.

8. Make it happen – Passion and perseverance are motivators of success. Entrepreneurs recognize that every journey is not a straight path but believing in what you are doing inspires you to take action. Use your passion and energy to drive business strategy and growth.

9. Promote your brand – No one will know whom you are and what you have to offer if you are not actively promoting your brand.  Self-promotion is the most beneficial marketing too to build your reputation. Take time each week to publish your thoughts online about current trends and ideas, participate in conversations with various groups, or engage in speaking opportunities. Each of these activities will present you as an expert and creates visibility, credibility, and accessibility for your business.

10. Take a break –Studies have shown that it is unhealthy to sit for long periods of time. Make it a habit to stand up and move around every hour, take a lunch break, and put an end time to your work each day. This time away lets you clear your head and then refocus when you sit back down.

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